10 Unpleasant Blog Practices That You Should Prevent

All bloggers are not exempted to have unpleasant blog practice. Actually, it happens the moment you get comfy with the work that you do. So before everything gets worst, you should review and ensure that those unpleasant blog practices are prevented, just like the things that will be tackled here – 10 unpleasant blog practice that you should prevent:

1. Postponement – Bloggers are expected to be messengers of current events, so it’s important to live up to it. When you want to blog about something, do it! Do not dilly-dally because you will never know the significance of the blog topic if you do not create it right away.And as a result, you might lose your focus in blogging it.

2. Not giving the best in you – Do not push too hard when you write a blog. It is not a school assignment like essay and it doesn’t need to be extensive. Other blogs continue to exist with only one sentence and a photo. Just show the best in you and don’t bother yourself to create metaphors and lines that would give an impact.

3. Not considering reader’s comments – Other readers actively participate on blogs by their inquiries and feedbacks on the comments portion. Your appreciation to them can be felt by giving them feedback on time. If there are no active participation between the blogger and the reader especially when it comes to commentaries, the readers would certainly look for other blogs who can give them full attention and thorough information.

4. Does not check / proofread accomplished blog posts – Checking or proofreading is a must and needs to be performed before publication, even on articles.If not, you might face humiliation and they will start to question your credibility by allowing your error-filled article to be published and be read by many.

5. Not ready for the battle – Not everybody is gifted at spontaneous writing. Eventhough you are already used to write an article, creating an outline for your blog post is still a helpful tool for you. Relying too much on your spontaneity can result to a sub-par article composed of scattered thoughts.

6. Doesn’t care about the blog’s lay out – Using different fonts in a single sentence is not good to look at. Even pre-school children are not using those, so better drop the idea.

7. Having a negative attitude – A blog is indeed a very tempting tool to use in order to release the feelings that you have been keeping inside of you. However, angry outburst can only bring out the worst in you. It can even be so infectious to your readers that they’ll end up having a dark cloud over their heads after reading your blog.

8. Indulging in distractions – You do not need to be updated every so often on your email and Facebook stuff. And do not focus on your stats! Most websites will only distract you in creating a quality article. If you really must, limit the time you spend on them.

9. Singing your own praises – We all know it’s your personal blog, but reading about I, I, I and me, me, me all the time is just too boring. Create an excitement by presenting other individuals on your article. The topic doesn’t have to be always you.

10. Do not be focused on social media alone – Social media is an important key to have a successful blog, but too much of anything is unhealthy. Some bloggers spend way more time updating their social media profiles they forget to update their blog.

New Year is not the only time to make resolutions and to set up changes. These practices can be petty for you but they can surely affect the outcome of your blog.

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