Alternative And Brighter Solutions To Drawing Free Traffic Than Blogging

Blogging is not a smart way to build an authority site. No matter how much you love blogging or you write blogs only because you think it is a common way to get traffic and make money, it is quite often a hard way to get traffic.

How Effective Is Guest Blogging?

Definitely not! Do not follow this route if you wish to link build. You will not get the desired results if you try to use guest blog posts.

If you wish to link build, you should make a high impact with the right content on your blog. Passing few comments or introducing guest posts that are significant is not going to reap any dividends. Your posts will only occupy space on your blog.

The traffic coming from guest blogging isn’t that good enough for building authority sites. So guest blogging is not a good strategy for building authority sites.

On the other hand, use other methods that are not so conventional when you are interested in getting free traffic. One of the ways is to identify guest bloggers.

The Free Traffic Formula

Use this formula to attract free traffic to your site. Write content that is qualitative and written by people who are popular on the social media sites. When this type of content is added to your site, you will find more traffic arriving at your site. Even if you have to pay to get this content, you can make money as the money you earn with every click is better than not earning anything at all.

Become An Editor And Not A Blogger

Your job is to find great writers with good content. Look at some who write regularly for your competitors and you will note that they are capable of making it to the top ranking pages. They know the keywords and content that makes interesting reading and use their style to rank high on Google search engine pages.

The profile of the writer you invite to write for your blog is very important. They should be able to garner interest from readers as they are well known on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Write to each of these content writers directly through email, Google+ or any of the social networking sites and offer them compensation of $ 5 and up to $ 10 per post. Use social media sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Read the contents carefully. Edit where necessary and this will be more interesting and fruitful than blogging. You will not only get in free traffic but will be able to build relationships with little work.

Once you approve of the contents, get them to distribute these articles in their social networking sites. You will be able to build on the relationships when you get affirmative comments from readers on their content. You can invite them to continue sending in fresh content regularly.

The best means of generating a sustainable income when trying to promote an online business is to build authority sites. If you are passionate about creating the right market with good content and use experts to help you do the job, you can make money without owning products or trying to get copies of sales.