An Easy Way To Maximize Your Profits By Leveraging Existing Content

By James Kupe

Today we’re going to talk about one of your most important goals as a business owner, and that is to build highly responsive prospect an customer lists. And critically important that you really understand this strategy so you can leverage everything you create for your website for maximum results. As marketing genius Jay Abraham says, your goal should be to try and get the “Highest and Best Use” out of all of your assets, all of the time.

The ideal outcome would be for every person who visits your site to give you their name and email address the first time they arrive. You want them to do it the first time, because it’s very unlikely they will ever return again. If you don’t capture these people’s information, you’re spending a lot of money and time driving traffic, without giving them enough time to ever buy anything from you.

It’s been proven that you’ll make a lot more money long-term when you’ve set up your lead capture system and you start following up with people. The next step is then to leverage the content you’ve already created for your website or blog, create articles which you can distribute all over the internet. Submit as many articles as you can to the top article directories, websites and blogs, and allow them to use your content on their sites.

That means as you get more content distributed, you’ll get more traffic to your website. So your lead capture system will be working overtime building your list for you. And a bigger list means more money in the bank each time to run a promotion.

There’s quite a few services that can spin one article into hundreds of versions for you – some are good, others not-so – so you’ll need to do your homework. But by spinning one good article into many more good articles, they will start to get listed on lots of other websites, so you get more back-links, and more visitors to your site.

By using your articles hundreds of times in this way, you’re building lots of incoming links, which will help you to rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Submitting your articles for distribution like this is one of the highest leverage things you can do for your website. The best thing is you can outsource the whole thing very inexpensively, so you can spend those hours doing more productive things while the article distribution gets done for you.

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