Beware The Junk Stack Bonus When You Read Product Reviews

By James Kupe

With the launch of virtually every new product, there’s a flood of affiliate marketers promoting ‘Bonus Packages’ all trying to cash in on the commissions being paid to promote the launch. Now while this is not always a bad thing, and you can get some good deals with these packages, you really have to beware of what I’ll call The Junk Stack.

If you sit back for a minute and really look at what most of these bonus packages contain, you’ll see that probably 95% of them fall into the ‘Junk Stack’ category. What is a Junk Stack? It’s where an affiliate stacks up a bunch of useless PLR or Reprints Rights products, software and Ebooks, and packages them up as their way of trying to boost the ‘value’ they are offering. The whole idea of the bonus is if you purchase through that affiliate’s link, they will send you a link to the package of extras.

The Big Problem Is, You Don’t Want More Stuff

But since most of these programs are aimed at beginners and people who aren’t already making a full time living online (which is nearly everybody), the absolute LAST thing you need right now is more stuff to read and do. And why would you want to load yourself up with extra stuff, especially with the time pressure we are all under these days.

If you’ve ever purchased an IM training product, the problem is most people find is they don’t have enough time or focus to even get through it. This shiny new toy usually gives you training and tools to get a specific strategy done, and you have to do a bit of work to implement the program to get any results.

But when these affiliates and their Junk Stack want to give you is more useless stuff – often up to 20 different things in a package. And all that is going to do is to make you get you bogged down in all of the additional detail and busy work that most of these cheap products make you do.

The Bonus Products Are Usually Just Junk

After all, most of these PLR products you’ll be getting are just cheap throw-aways designed to look good without having any real value. If you fall for this ruse, do you think you are you going to be more likely to succeed or less? The answer is obvious isn’t it. You’re going to suffer from being overwhelmed, which if you are new to this, is probably already one of the problems you’ve got. You don’t need more stuff to do. You need LESS to do, but you need to know how to do the right stuff.

So instead of getting fixated on a Junk Stack bonus on the next product launch, get somebody to help you with personal coaching and support instead. You’ll have a far greater chance of making money with that product than if you get bogged down with some rubbish from an affiliate who is just after your money.

There are still ways to get personal help and advice when you order some of the latest products. You can find out more by visiting this page. IM Target from Anik Singal is a very good product for beginners, and it might be ideal for you too. Read our IM Target Review to learn more.