Blogging is Broken or Breaking?

Don’t stop learning the new moves and trend on the internet while you are doing business online. Are you building blogs for making money or are you building much high revenue driven sites, the authority sites?

Initially, many people worked on creating continuous blog posts to keep readers coming back for more information online. However this type of working is played out and readers do not have the time or inclination to spend hours trying to find interesting content. Nowadays there is an influx of bloggers trying to come up with free information that is interesting and worthwhile. Not everyone visits these sites to scan through the content.

Blogging has been the popular mode of communication. People keep writing blogs daily and today this concept of communicating is reaching saturation point.

Blogging – Can it be revived?

The ROI investment is going to drastically reduce if you attempt to continue with the blog posts in order to get customers to engage themselves in a relationship with your business. New bloggers know the difficulty of trying to get visitors to their websites. Those who already have a regular stream may continue to make some profits that may just about justify their efforts.

In the world of sharing too much free information on the internet nowdays, readers are generally accustomed to look for free information without spending a penny.

Google Adsense has benefitted a great deal with bloggers. It does not cost Google Adsense any money to place free ads on blog posts and they have the advantage of not requiring permission for placing these ads. Those who have had people visiting their sites and clicking on the ads were able to generate some revenue.

One of the facts that bloggers should understand is that Google Adsense earns money from your blog posts. They may not get your permission to place these ads in the beginning and do not enter into any agreements. Once they find that your blogs attracts enough interest, they negotiate with you by paying you for the ads.

Stop Driving Traffic Away From Your Site

If your blog is a niche specific one, I encourage you to stop placing banner ads of other companies in your blog as these ads would only distract the attention of the readers and drive traffic away from your site to someone else’s site.

Focus on creating banners that will attract visitors in large numbers to try out your product as this will definitely increase your profits.

Do not waste time blogging if you are already making money.

Take some time to examine the methods used by marketers who have been successful in their business ethics. You will be surprised to note that they do not waste time trying to fill in blog posts to interest their customers. Neither do they go to sites such as Twitter for communicating. Instead, they send out mails to their clients and promote the sale of their products.

You should also move with the trends and use the time available to focus on building authority sites instead of writing blog posts. You are sure to earn more money over a period which will be a substantial income.