Building An E-mail List Is Important For Long Term Results

By Dale Jenkins

E-mail marketing is a great way to get instant responses to your ads. If you sit back and imagine it, it’s actually just a click and you send your offer to thousands of people. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to market and build a long lasting list of prospects.

As an affiliate there will come a time when you’ll want to compound your efforts and take them to the next level. There’s power in being able to make a customer into a repeat buyer. One of the largest expenses is customer acquisition and when you can get more out of the customers that you already have that’s a wonderful thing.

I wouldn’t recommend any of the free email captures like List Monkey. You don’t want your readers distracted by the offers that they send with your email. It’s much better for you to use a paid service like Aweber or Get Response. The free e-mail response software has too many spammy ads, you’re much better off starting with a paid service.

The free autoresponders really just waste your time. Unless of course you don’t want people to read the auto responders that you’ve put out. The point is that free services end up in their spam folder more than they’re read. Paid services actually get delivered to their in box.

Another great thing about paid services is the opt in boxes are customizable to fit in your site. The free services lack the ability to blend into your site and they decrease the opt ins you’ll get. Not to mention the paid opt in boxes look much more professional.

When you’re building your list it’s important to connect with your audience. You can’t just blatantly promote offer after offer. Sales approaches will increase your drop out list quickly. It’s better to help your audience with useful information and send an affiliated offer once every seven useful e-mails.

If you’ve treated your list right you’ll enjoy repeated sales, and lifelong commissions form one time customers. It’s all about connecting with your opt ins and knowing what they want. If you can achieve that you’ll grow a list you can be proud of.

If you just remember to stay connected with your audience and only promote every so often than you’ll get the most out of your promotions. The money is in the list and the better you treat your list the more money you’ll make. E-mail is a great way to stay in contact with your customers and make repeated sales.

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