Building Quality Links For Your Website

By Joshua Boyd

Back-links are an important factor in establishing an authority site. Properly diversifying the back-link profile of a site goes a long way to the goal of creating an authority website.

The following back-linking tips can help establish you and your site as an authority in your niche.

First, a warning. Stay away from link farms! There are many pages and directories out there that are just a long list of low quality links. Google does not like these pages or sites and you should not be associated with any of them. Always try to review the site you attempt to get links from. A piece of software that blast the internet with spam links is no the answer.

These days the authority of you site is more and more dependent upon your engagement in social sites. Not only that but you will gain the confidence and trust of your audience if you engage them where they spend the most time. Make sure to always share links to your new posts and make sure your readers see the content as useful and valuable.

You can establish you ‘authority’ status by making edits to Wikipedia pages in your field of expertise.You should write on subjects you know best and reference your own ‘expert’ articles as sources establishing links to your site. If you have quality, informative articles on your authority site, this strategy is a win-win as it builds you back-links and helps readers learn more about topics they are interested in. Make sure to monitor the articles you’ve edited to see if your links are still there, as the pages may change. Also, try submitting your articles to quality article sites to establish your credentials and gain exposure.

Owners of authority sites also are active in the blogging community. Keeping in touch with your blogging community gives you the opportunity to share content on your blog in exchange for the same in return. You can feature links in the blog content or even offer to share the article with links to each of your sites. Establish partnerships with blogs that have a similar audience, while at the same time, avoiding those you compete against. You might also pay for space on another blog if the audience matches yours.

It is the search engines’ job to present the best possible search result to users. They strive to find the ‘quality’ content that users are looking for. Therefore, it behooves you to make every effort to write quality content. Consider it a contribution to your field. The benefit is that if you can produce valuable content, the links will follow.

To gain authority site status, you have to be vigilant about back-linking – especially when you’re just starting out. A constant effort will eventually pay off in more links, better search engine rankings and more traffic to your site.

Joshua Boyd is a freelance writer with interests in business and blogging. You can learn more about linkbuilding and creating authority sites at