Crafting Content Around Your Target Market

One of the toughest tasks we face as Internet marketers is getting our message across to our market in the right manner. Of course, research and knowing your audience helps you tailor this message with the right packaging, but you need to know answers to the right questions if you want to be successful. Like which type of packaging is going to resonate with your audience more? And what kinds of CTAs are going to work better with your target demographic?

The Types of Messages You Send Brand You

And while we can’t sit here and go through the right type of message to send across every brand, idea, service and product out there on the Internet–mostly because we already work our interns to death–what we can do is go through a few of the most popular branding packages so that you can better choose your vehicle.

Keep in mind that even if your message doesn’t get across to your audience in the way you hoped, the manner in which you send it will still speak volumes about your online business. It’s sort of like the way your Grandma would always give you a dressy sweater for Christmas that you absolutely hated, but you still remember how nicely it was wrapped, the cursive writing on the card with a colored in heart before her name–it’s the packaging just as much as it is the message that you remember.

Different Content Vehicles to Help you Reach your Audience

With that said, here are some fail-safe vehicles for you to use in order to deliver your message.

The List–This is one of the most classic content vehicles as it’s simple to read and even simpler to write. You don’t need to be a master wordsmith here, just have some good points and know how to count. Then, title your content “5 Reasons I Hated Grandma’s Sweater but Loved Her” and you’re ready to go.

The How-To–This is another very popular one and can be spotted right off the bat by its title. “How to Write a How To With No Know How.” Here, you’re basically explaining how to do something, typically the difficult way, and then promoting your product which makes it easier to do towards the end of the content.

The Review–This is great for affiliate marketers as you simply review the product(s) and then add your affiliate links in the CTAs. You can combine this with the “list” vehicle and do a “Top Ten Best Content List Reviews” type article.

The Authority–The authority content is more professional and aims to establish yourself as an all-knowing figure in your industry or niche. Typically, there’s a soft sell at work here, but you do want to recommend your product as the answer to whatever problems you bring up.


Remember, when you’re getting your message out there, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to sell a car–the vehicle just has to be able to drive. To find out more about how you can drive your message right into your customer’s garage, click here: