Dell Precision Business Solutions

By Taylor Evans

The business and corporate worlds often turn to Dell Precision desktop towers and mobile workstations for their computing needs. Dell offers a handful of base tower and laptop models, and from there you can decide on one to customize with options. Be reassured that with every Dell Precision computer you’ll get a basic 3-year warranty, 3-years worth of “NBD Limited Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis, and a 30-day trial of Trend Micro Business Security Services. Some might find it challenging when it comes to deciding on which Precision computer to work on. Carry on with reading this article and you’ll find short overviews on popular Dell Precision products, which hopefully will help you pick on which fixed or mobile workstation is appropriate for you.

Desktop Computers

There’s a range of Microsoft Windows operating systems you can choose to outfit your Dell Precision desktop tower and computer with. Pick from Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 or Windows 8 Professional. Choosing any one of these operating systems should be adequate for your business computing needs. The key distinction among all these different Windows operating systems is the level of security, with the home editions of Windows equipped with the most basic security features and the professional and ultimate editions with the most advanced security features. The level of security highlights becomes more important when sensitive information is processed. Easily encrypt, modify and monitor data with software apps such as AppLocker, BitLocker and Branch Cache, just to name a few.

The most affordable Precision in the tower form factor is the Precision T1650. The Precision T1650 starts with a dual core 3.3 gigahertz processor that can be upgraded to more powerful options. Memory is skimpy with just 2GB of RAM but this can be expanded to 4GB. Different storage configurations are available, with a minmum of a 250GB HDD to begin with. All in all, the Precision T1650 provides adequate computing power for the average business user.

If you’re looking for a more powerful desktop computing solution, check out the Dell Precision T7600 fixed workstation. Dell’s Precision T7600 starts out with a basic configuration, but its selection of upgradable components and options is many, and allows you to build an extremely powerful computer. Mix and match system configurations by choosing components that include different processors, operating systems, memory, storage, graphics, optical drives, etc. All Precision T7600 workstations are powered by Intel Xeon processors. Choose from single or dual multi-core processors. Memory configurations go up to 256GB RAM and storage options are more than ample for most business needs. There’s a good selection of graphic cards and they start from entry-level products to high-end and professional items. Note that the Precision T7600 does not ship with any monitors.

Mobile Workstations

Dell also offers a line of Precision mobile workstations, which accommodate to professionals who are regularly on the move and need performance computing. Precision mobile workstations are smaller versions of Precision fixed workstations, and they’re designed to be like portable laptops. Most of the components and features found in Precision fixed workstations can be found on Precision mobile workstations.

Choose from either the Dell Precision M4700 or the Dell Precision M6700 mobile workstation models. If you’re looking for the more portable of the two, it would be the Dell Precision M4700.It has a 15.6″ screen. The Precision M6700 is a bit bigger in size, with a form factor that fits a 17.3” screen. Both the Precision M4700 and the Precision M6700 are popular choices for professionals that are seeking certified performance for advanced computing applications and needs.

Dell Precision computers are the favored choice among business professionals. Whether you be a business owner, engineer, designer, or other professional, you can be certain that any Precision computer will service your computing needs properly. Dell offers flexible configuration options for all its Precision products, fixed and mobile workstations. The ability to build your own Dell Precision PC is one of the great advantages that come when you decide to go with Dell.

Find that Dell Precision Workstations are reliable business performance computers. Check out the Precision T7600 and the Precision M6700 for your high-end computing solutions.