Does Your Guy Even Know What He Wants?

By Bonny Blake

If you try to figure out what your fellow is thinking by looking at his actions, you might as well forget it. It won’t work. Women universally agree that men talk one way and behave another.

A common issue women have is that men somehow seem it is attractive for them to call out to women in lewd and unflattering ways. They act like sophomoric louts! Why do men think it is cool to act like a player, as if they were God’s gift to women? Or better yet, they think trashy and off color humor is romantic, and proceed to woo you with this dialogue.

Men will promise they are interested in a real relationship, only to vanish from sight the next day. Here’s another trick they pull, acting all distant and aloof, as if they don’t even notice the woman they actually covet. The real reason is because they are downright intimidated!

Here’s the scoop, men act in very confusing ways when it comes to relating to women. How’s a girl supposed to interpret these mixed signals? Confusion is not the only problem here. The actions and behaviors can send a woman packing. What’s really sad is that these guys are clueless that these behaviors are having the opposite effect they intended. But they can’t help it. They are instinctively just throwing up a shield to hide behind.

Unfortunately, women are pretty clueless when it comes to realizing what is really going on here in this dysfunctional dance with the afore mentioned fellow. What’s the result in all this? The girl becomes perplexed, disappointed and distressed by his seemingly lack of interest and poor effort to be the least bit romantic.

How can a woman make it clear to her guy that the act is not working and she just want to see his true authentic self? How can a gal give her guy what he wants if she can’t even figure out how he feels about the most basic things?

Truth is, a woman can get a man to relax enough to reveal his true feelings, personality and wants, by practicing some tried and true methods that have been proven to work. The proven method – quite simply being your very authentic self. When you are your genuine self you will find that you become incredibly attractive to your guy. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as most women, since they were young girls, have been taught to act and behave in ways to please others. Being oneself was never considered an important trait.

The fact is, only if you are able to embrace your genuine self will everything come together for you. Instead of a struggle, your life will start to get easier. Because you are acting like you, you’ll start to attract the man who just wants you.

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