Don’t Stop Believing: Good Local SEO Keeps Working for Your Company

A great local SEO plan in the Dallas area does not stop when your company achieves page one search results. A robust plan keeps companies at the top of listings, which means ongoing optimization – especially when the major search engines regularly change the way they rank companies on their sites. Your local SEO firm should be prepared to respond to algorithm changes to keep your company ranking above others in search.

The truth is, local SEO is the source of earned advertising on the internet. You might spend $2,000-$10,000 in a single month on advertising, paying to get customers in the door. But what happens when the campaign is over? What happens when the money runs out? What you need is a low-cost plan to keep customers coming in your door in a responsible and earned way. In a way that your customers and all your potential customers know they can trust. That is what local SEO is all about.

Did you know that when people search Google in the Dallas area and all across the nation, 20 percent of those searches are for local information? Whether it is for candy shops, steam cleaners, carpenters, dog groomers, etc., the list is endless -Dallas folks want people from Dallas to sell and provide the services they need. If they wanted someone from Chicago to sell them something, chances are they will be living there soon. Local SEO is the means by which potential customers find your company locally. It is up to you to make sure that all of your contact, service and sales information is in a place so that your potential customers can locate your store and take part in purchasing your goods or using your services.

A robust local SEO plan includes a website that has optimized metadata, relevant content that relates to your company and location, a geo-location set up on Google and other search engines, backlinks to your website from trusted Dallas-area sites and a social media and online directory presence. All these things tell a major search engine what your company is, what your company is about, how relevant your site is to their users and most importantly, whether or not they can trust you.

Advertising may work initially to bring business in your door, but the revolving door of advertising these days is simply a pay-to-play game that stops as soon as you run out of money. With local SEO in the Dallas area, your company can spend less, but reach more . . . for a much longer time. Embrace local SEO and find your customers by letting them find you.


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