Get Paid To Play Video Games

By Steve Ridgeway

The real gamer with no preconception of what should happen will react as a customer would when things do not work properly.

Try to get some part time Gigs first rather than going all in, at least this way you do not come off as being desperate, and you get good experience and references.

And being a video game tester does still give you the fun play time in between the bugs and glitches and if you treat it professionally even the bugs and glitches can be fun as you try to find ways around them… everything can be a part of the game.

You will be asked to try out exclusive unreleased copies of their creations and most times get to keep the copies you tested and get paid by them for your feedback.

As a game tester, you will not only enjoy playing games; you’ll also find a list of benefits to testing work. The luckiest of all things is; you’ll be able to see games way before they hit the stores. As a tester you have exclusivity second only after the designer to see the games.

Plenty of people are attracted to being product testers due to the advantages this position offers.Don’t forget to maintain your integrity, keep your reports honest.

OK so you can be forgiven for thinking this is a hoax. But it’s not, indeed, game developing companies really will pay to have games tested to destruction better that than their reputations being in tatters because their latest release glitches everywhere and never runs to the end.

The biggest disadvantage for this job happens to be the testing itself. It can be intensely frustrating for the tester you may never get to finish a game. You will not have any assurance that the product will work properly, and you may just get segments of the game as developers do not want the whole platform revealed.

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