Goal Setting Guide: 3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

By Lesley Knowles

Failure is one of the inevitable things in life. We’re all going to fail at something at some point in our lives. You may not make it to your high school soccer team or perhaps you’ve worked hard to reach a certain position in your company and just can’t seem to get there. No matter what the situation is, for a lot of people failure transforms into a force that hinders them from setting and achieving goals. Fear of failure is one of the common things that destroy any chance or opportunity to get what you want in life.

People who fear failure are passive and often end up not trying at all to achieve their dreams because they dread the idea of failing and the pain that is associated with it. But what these people don’t realize is that at the end of the day, not doing anything is worse than failure.

How can you achieve something if you’re afraid to try? So, before you learn how to start setting goals, you first need to face your fear of failure and overcome it. Otherwise, you’ll just end up setting easy goals and not the ones that you really want. Here are the 3 easy steps of overcoming fear of failure.

1. Know what failure means to you. The first step to face your fear is to understand what failing means to you. Your definition of failure may be different from others. What you think as failing may be a great learning experience for others. It is normal to have some kind of fear about failure. However, when your fear prevents you from setting goals and taking action to achieve those goals, then it becomes a huge problem. The fear of failure often results to self-sabotage such as procrastination, over anxiety, and reluctance to engage in productive activities and projects.

You need to realize that in everything you do, there’s always a possibility of failing. Accept and embrace this fact in order to lead a more rewarding life. In fact, it is quite impossible to live a life without experiencing some form of failure. Those who try to do so are living with extreme cautions, making it difficult for them to lead normal lives.

2. List potential outcomes. The fear of failure sometimes stem out from the fear of the unknown. So, whenever you’re trying to decide on something significant, list all possible results of that decision. Doing so will eliminate your fear of the unknown and allow you to prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios.

3. Think positive. Instead of telling yourself that you are going to fail, tell yourself that you can do it. Change your thoughts and believe in yourself. Boost your self-confidence and eliminate any signs of self-sabotaging behavior. By learning how to stop your negative attitude towards success you can actually achieve the goals that you have probably been putting off as a result of your fears. Picture yourself overcoming any obstacle that is blocking your way. Avoid focusing on your problem at hand. Instead, keep positive and work through that problem while maintaining your enthusiasm.

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