GPS Asset Tracking Decreases Company Expenses

Asset management is essential for businesses with heavy equipment and trailers. Installing them with GPS (global positioning systems) is one method of keeping track of company assets by tracking their locations and controlling theft. GPS tracking helps businesses with management of trailer delivery and usage of heavy equipment in various ways. The device is installed on the vehicle or asset and the company could access a computerized database of information from their own dispatch office. Proper installation includes weather proofing the device which make them working efficiently in different weather conditions.

Heavy Equipment

Other typical equipment such as front end loaders, generators, bulldozers and other cqn easily be tracked through the use of a tracking device installed clandestinely on the equipment. Companies could possibly get computerized updates on distance and use of engine hours and could schedule maintenance when needed. Calculating activity of heavy equipment eliminates the need for a person to manually go to the area in which the equipment is stationed and examine mileage and manual user logs. The business gets notifications for unexpected situations, such as when the machines are fired up beyond working hrs or if the machines are moving when they should not be. In case of theft, the tracking device can be located easily and quickly through computer software for quick recovery.


Asset tracking involves placing a GPS device on trailers to observe their real time places. Satellites can pinpoint the movement of trailers, regardless of what type they are. This avoids loss of merchandise and the trailers them selves. A compact tracking device can even be attached with heavy adhesive or screws to roll-off containers and railcars. In case one is not where it’s supposed to be, the software can be rapidly utilized by management or company dispatch and utilized to find the missing equipment. Refrigerated trailer tracking is also accessible with the GPS tracking device. It could monitor the interior temperature to ensure proper refrigeration of item. It is vital for hazardous material shipments, food and perishables.


Numerous GPS tracking systems are available on a for-lease basis. They can be paid out in month to month installments through a contract using the fleet management company. The devices could also help companies save money. By reducing the occurrence of lost trailers, equipment and product through theft and loss, the company will not have to replace these products as often. Some insurance companies also give anti theft discounts on deductibles and/or premuims. Practically a dozen declares have requires permitting companies to receive discount percentages when particular guidelines are followed. Additionally, when workers know they are getting supervised, there is less down time, which improves efficiency and increases productivity at work and saves the business funds.