Having Your Book Edited

Book editing really is a matter about which there are numerous varied opinions. A lot of novelists swear by editing as they go along, while others like to wait until they have completed a draft before going back over the whole thing and working out where all their mistakes lie. It isn’t really a cut and dried issue. There are undoubtedly several ways of carrying out the task of novel editing, and there is no wrong or right choice – providing what you decide to do works for you, why would you change it?

Having said that, despite the fact that everybody has their own personal ideas on when and how and how much to edit, if you aren’t intending to employ an organization which provides a proofreading service and you’re going to edit your work yourself, you will still find several common challenges in the editing process it will help to understand.

As an illustration, one aspect of book editing has to refer to the storyline. If you decided to hire a specialist editor, their particular edit of the story may not be as detailed as a full critique, even so it would still give you an overview of the story and how well it works. It’ll uncover any important issues that prevent your story from making sense, for instance, or even inconsistencies which really need to be dealt with.

Another aspect of story editing concerns the particular style of writing. The consistency is once again a key issue here; most authors have a particular style, which should continue throughout your book (unless you have justification for a style switch – there will always be exceptions to just about every rule!).

After that we arrive at the issue of things like spelling and grammar – the bare bones of your sentences. For example, whenever editing your book, you shouldn’t just be trying to correct errors in spelling or punctuation, it’s also advisable to carry out a more detailed assessment to make sure your meaning is absolutely clear. The job of an editor is sometimes to examine a certain part of your story and decide if it’s as clear as it might be. And, when it isn’t obvious enough, how might it be improved?

From this, it’s not hard to see that book editing incorporates a broad range of challenges, from the general story to the actual construction of man or women sentences. This means that it really is a skilled task that needs the right amount of time and attention in order to get it just right. Novel editing is something which all writers have to do a bit of, however when you’ve got as far as you can with your own editing, it could be helpful to get a specialist editor to look at your work again.

Besides, the majority of us miss things when it comes to our own work, and a fresh pair of eyes could pick up totally different issues and provide a qualified opinion on how your story performs overall. This may be a particularly useful exercise to engage in should you be hoping to publish your book, as a well-edited book is much more likely to catch a publisher’s eye when compared to a story that is sloppy and full of inconsistencies.

And so, although story editing is undoubtedly something that is particular to all authors, it’s also something which just about all authors have to do. Refining your editing is a vital task that will help you enhance your writing.