Here’s How To Quickly Double Your Email Open Rate

By James Kupe

If you have an email database and you are using email marketing to promote your products and services, one of your most important goals should be to get as many people to open your emails as possible. That’s why your message’s subject line is so important. The fact is if your readers don’t like your subject line, or if it doesn’t resonate with him or her, they’re not going to open your message. And that means they’re not going to click through to your offer, and they’re not going to buy from you.

The fact is, your subject line is the most important part of your email message. If it doesn’t get your readers’ interest, your open rate is going to be terrible. And if that’s the case, you’re wasting your time using email marketing. One of the best ways to increase your email open rate is by using compelling subject lines that offer or promise a result to your readers. If you can include hooks such as curiosity, benefits, controversy, and other factors such as timely news or tips, that is also going to increase your open rate. Having said that, simply using a touch of curiosity is always a great place to start.

As an example, your subject line might be, “Is this the best book ever written?”, which will get people to open your message, and then you could talk about a book that’s related to your topic. You can show how the message from the book relates to the product or service you sell, and then make your readers an offer. You must remember that you can’t use a subject line that’s not related to the content of your message. That’s a violation of the CAN-SPAM laws and will get you into trouble. Plus your readers aren’t going to continue to open your messages if you do a bait and switch on them like that.

And you can go even further by promising a result or a big benefit your reader would like to have in your subject line. Then tie it all together in the message so it makes sense. Something to consider to make this even more powerful to split test two different subject lines and pick a winner that converts the best. You can do this with most autoresponders like Aweber. When you have a winner, resend the same message using the best subject line to anybody who didn’t open the original message. You’ll get a second wave people to clicking the link, and taking action on the offer you’ve sent them.

One last strategy that works really well is to covertly spy on the other businesses in your niche to see what they are up to. Open a new Gmail account to do this to stop your main email account getting overwhelmed with messages. Then join as many of your competitors lists as you can. Watch out for good subject lines that get your attention, especially if they use them over and over again. This will let you see how your competitors are talking to your customers, and how they are trying to get people to open their emails.

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