How A Sales Funnel Can Make More Money For Your Business

By James Kupe

If you have a website for your business (and you should), you should also create a Sales Funnel as part of your marketing plan. So what exactly is a Sales Funnel, and why should you care? A Sales Funnel is a manufactured process that turns website visitors into customers in a pre-determined, logical sequence. And the reason you should build one is that a sales funnel will help you make a lot more money from your business.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time and/or money building your website and sales pages, and generating visitor traffic to your site. Sales might be coming in and you feel like you’re doing OK. The thing is, you may still feel like you might be leaving money on the table. And you’d be right. One of the most important things you should be doing is building a list of the people who visit your site, so you can start to have a conversation with them.

The easiest way to sell something is to ask people what they would like to buy, and then sell it to them. If you have no way of getting in touch with people, you can’t do that. That’s why building a list through your website is one of the most important tasks you can perform.

Many websites have opt-in forms on them these days. If it’s being done right, the list being built through those forms is the first step in a multi-step sales funnel. Start doing the same thing from your site, and then spend some time finding a variety of ways to turn those subscribers into customers.

The funnel part of it comes from the fact that you’ll start out with a ton of potential people visiting your site the first time, then a small part of that group will visit the site more often, a smaller part of the readers group will sign up to your mailing list, and some of the people on that mailing list will become buyers.

There are three common mistakes online business owners generally make with their mailing lists.

Mistake #1: They only send messages to their list when they want to sell a product or service. Many readers will unsubscribe if all you are doing every time you write to them is trying to make a sale. Send good content as well as offers, and your readers will stay subscribed much longer.

Mistake #2: Advertising another people’s offers using solo ads. If you own a decent list, then please don’t make a habit of promoting other people’s stuff too often. It will just burn out your list and they won’t respond to your offers if you keep trying to promote products that aren’t related to their core needs.

Mistake 3: Not replying to comments or questions. If somebody has a question or wants more information about something, you should reply to that enquiry as soon as you can. You know yourself, if you’re on somebody’s list and you ask a question without getting a response back, you’ll probably unsubscribe from that list and make a mental note to not purchase anything from that company.

Building a sales funnel can take time and effort to set up, but it will certainly pay for itself by increasing your sales. To get started, create and give away a free PDF report explaining how you can help your readers solve a problem they are having. Then offer to do it for them at a special subscriber-only price or rate so they don’t have to go through the bother of doing it themselves.

A free product trial, how-to video training, discount coupons, free reports, helpful tips, and surveys that ask what your reader’s what their needs are can always be great content to send by email. Staying in touch like this will show your readers that you are thinking about them, and make them more likely to buy from you when you make them an offer in the future.

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