How Businesses Persuade Their Staff And Clients Through Avaya IP500

By Lisa Jane Foreman

Companies, whatever their size may be, have different needs. However, one factor continues to be essential, whatever industry the business is in or whatever its size is: communication. Avaya is accepted worldwide for providing businesses with no-nonsense solutions, taking into consideration their different needs and budget. The main focus of the company has been to enhance efficiency and collaboration by using advances in the field of communication technology.

The Avaya IP500 is made to answer the large number of requirements that small and medium-sized companies have, ranging from telephony to conferencing to unified communications. This PBX unit is a dependable companion for companies as it includes no moving parts that might fail or overheat. Its amazing operating system gives companies a high-level of protection from hacking along with other types of intrusions compared to other solutions that utilize normal operating systems.

The PBX system has 128 conference stations which can handle up to 64 members in a conference call. Companies with multiple locations will discover that the IP 500 can provide them continuity of operation in case of power outage since the telephone system offers a failover selection. Its System Status Application (SSA), alternatively, helps users keep an eye on the performance of the phone system, enabling them to see system usage and the ability to rapidly fix possible issues.

The IP500 can help your business substantially decrease overhead expense and enhance communication among team members as it provides capabilities like VoIP and conferencing. As opposed to other systems that need to have an officer for each and every area, the IP500 has removed that need through remote management and administration capabilities. Both your associates as well as your clients will love the functions provided by IP500. Customer experience shall be increased by the system’s messaging, auto-attendant and interactive voice response attributes. Your staff members, on the other hand, can recognize how integrated messaging as well as call routing features can free them from easy jobs as well as enhance their productivity.

For small-scale and medium-sized businesses, the nice thing about the Avaya IP500 is that the terrific value and features it offers doesn’t essentially come with a hefty price tag.

If you are searching for an SMB PBX system, you’ll never go wrong with an Avaya item. In fact, Avaya accounts for 22% of the world market share in its industry. 80% of companies in the west as well as a majority of Fortune Top 500 businesses turn to Avaya for their telephony requirements. Regardless of how small or big a company is, Avaya has the most suitable solution for its needs.

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