How To Choose A Blog Topic In 5 Steps

Are you thinking to create a blog? Before you pull your hair over cPanel settings and HTML codes, you should first have a clear idea of what you want your blog to be about. Consequently, many individuals are lured into blogging but they are not that confident in writing what they want. Well, if you are not yet ‘in the know’ then carry on reading.Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find out the best blog topic for you.

A blog topic is the main theme, if you will, of a blog . This is where your brain would work with regards to creating various blog entries. For instance, your blog site is about parenting, you have to provide tips and ideas regarding parenting. Further, the blog topic you want to create should be consistent with your blog category, unless you would want to use your own name for the blog site. Then carry on with the guidelines provided for you.

Step 1 Laying out the plan – The first part of any decision making process is laying down the choices. It is a great idea to take note of all the topics you would want to consider without compromising its doability (you will determine that later on). Take into account that laying out all of your plan is the best decision for you to choose the best for your blog topic creation. You can put several topics together later on if necessary.

Step 2 Cut down your list – Narrow down the topic list based on two things: what you know and what you are interested in learning more on. It should cut down the list by half. Of course you don’t want to start with a blog topic that’s totally unknown to you. Just try to be safe on this because you don’t want to have a hard time in thinking about having fresh content for your blogs.

Step 3 Narrow it down round 2 – Choosing a blog topic is just like choosing the American (blog) Idol. Well, it’s just fine for you to eliminate some of the potential topics you’ve selected. There’s still a possibility you can use some for the blog topics for your future blog projects. In the meantime, make use of the blog topic you’ve selected for your blog endeavors. Some of the types of blog topics you would want to consider are: travel blogs, food blog, information blog and many more. Once you have selected the best blog topic then eliminate the other topics you are trying to choose.

Step 4 Find your niche – Now then is the time for you to do some little research with regards to your niche. This is just like establishing a business wherein you can earn income after all and at the same time you have to ‘spy’ on your competitors and determine if the business you’ve put up is already ‘saturated’. Think of great ideas on how you can surpass your competitors. This is now the right time to come up with an excellent blog topic that would create a unique niche. For instance, you can make a blog about the ‘end of the world preparation tips and ideas’. This is just a suggestion you would want to consider since you can have your own ideas that are unique for your blog.

Step 5 Think ahead – How do you see your blog expand in the future? Do you want to be successful in making money in your blog? Do you want to bring more people on board? Do you want your blog to be part of a good cause? Ask yourself these types of questions so you can plan out your blog’s future development at its early age. If you don’t, the blog might turn out to be just another collection of mishmash thoughts.

Once you’ve figured out your blog topic, writing new entries should be a breeze.As a blogger, it is a rewarding feeling for being able to share your ideas while you inspire others as well.

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