How To Get Funds To Start A Business?

To start a business and cover all of the starting costs and advertising bills, you need to procure funding. Of course you can sign up for a business loan from your bank, but there are other alternatives as well which you can explore to obtain funding.

Cash Advances

There are also some other ways to start a business such as incorporating the help of other financial institutions which have easier processes than banks, and they even allowed instances where you can loan even before paying off your other debts.

The way it works is this, they will buy out a portion of your credit card transactions with discount and pegged at a fixed percentage. After that within 10 working days, they will advance you the loan and it will get transferred in your bank-account. The repayment percentage varies around ten and twenty percent of each financial transaction.

Bank Overdrafts

A bank overdraft can work wonders if your business suffer from occasional or seasonal fluctuations. Within the leaner months, you obtain the money via bank overdrafts and after that bounce back when your company does well in the peak seasons.


If you are struggling with debt burdens and money that is locked up within unpaid bills, you can take the help of factoring to control and process invoice payments and release bad debts. You can get and draw money as soon as the factoring process approves the invoice. The actual money may not have come in yet.

Property Based Lending

To explain it simply, think of it as mortgage. You will borrow funds against an asset or a collateral in this case. If you can’t settle within the due date, the money lender will take the collateral asset (property, premises, receivable accounts, inventory and equipment).

Peer to Peer Loans

You will find several reputable and reliable peer to peer trade websites where you can start business friendships with exclusive loan providers who are ready to lend money at reduced rates of interest and favorable terms of contract. You may have to pay a one off fee.

Community Schemes

If you’ve been refused a company loan by lending firms and banks or financial institutions, you could contact a CDFI for capital help. There are lots of these community development finance endeavours working in the country to help out people like you.

Mini Loans

Many companies in the country offer micro loans to business people and would be entrepreneurs who would like a micro loan congruent with their circumstances. It is a tiny amount of loaned money, hence the name – micro loan, and you could utilize it simultaneously with other money procured from other sources.


Charitable organisations, local authorities, regional development agencies, the government and some organizations offer monetary grants to businesses and individuals who wish to start a business or a task.

Family Loans

Family loans are another way to help you in your quest to start a business, if you are worried about interests and funds. But for that, you require to be born in a wealthy and supportive family who are happy to assist you.