How To Have An Amazing Life

By Charlie Badderly

While I do not always end up managing to put each of the following tips into practice, I do make a big effort to do so each day. This is a list of my favorite tips to improving your life. All it takes is a little bit each day and you will see wondrous changes. Feel free to add your own tips to the comments.

Accept the things you can’t Change

When something bad happens in our lives, we try to fix them or change them. But sometimes we can’t. Often this leads us to spend hours moping and falling in to depression. If you can make yourself accept the things you cannot change – you will become a much happier person. Acceptance of these situations also allows us to start finding a way to cope much faster. For example, you may realize that you have only $10 left in your bank account that has to last the next 2 weeks. Instead of getting down about it, accept that you have no money and work out a way to survive on that amount. You can save yourself from wasting hours in a bad mood by just getting on with life. You will find much more serenity in life following this tip.

Learn a New Language

Learning another language is one of the best ways to improve your grasp on English. In my own experience, learning French at high school taught me so much more about grammar than English class ever did. In addition, when I later started studying Ancient Greek, I learnt a lot about the roots of English words – something I have found very useful in writing in the years since. As well as improving your knowledge of English, if you learn a living language you increase the number of places you might like to visit – or make those holidays much more enjoyable by being able to speak to the natives in their own tongue.

I’ve listed some other smaller helpful tips for you here too:

List all the things you are grateful for

Spend 10 minutes a day being completely present

Become aware of your thought patters and change the negative ones

Find the connection between your health issues and daily thoughts you entertain

Don’t resist negative events/circumstances because what you resist persists

Become worthy of the goal you want to achieve

Look at your list of goals every day with a pen ready to tick off the ones you achieved

Other Personal Development Tips

If you find it hard to control your emotions and in general your attitude is negative, this article about negative attitude will help you make changes in your character.

Sometimes you need to use psychological games to understand your own nature and the nature of other people. To do that, watch the video of the Cube Game – it will make you aware of the hidden aspects of your personality.

If you know what you need to work on but you simply lack inspiration to do that, read inspirational quotes – they will motivate you to take action to improve your current circumstances.

For more information on live the life of your dreams, check out the Ultimate Game Of Life.