How To Make Money Using Computer Working From Home

By Betty Carroll

Just to get you started, below are a few work at home business ideas you can start your research work:

Blogging Online Surveys Data Entry Writing


Make your own blog about the topics that you know well is a great way to start making money for your stay at home business. After your blog grows and has a lot of traffic, you can start monetize your traffic by putting advertisements. Google Adsense is one of the most used ad-provider. You can get ad banner from Google and place it on your website. The content of your advertisement is usually the same as your blog topics. For example, your blog is about healthcare, the ad placed by Google will be related to healthcare: doctor, pharmacy and etc.

Some blog owners has reported they can make 100s of dollars a day from the ads revenue from their blog. But in actual fact there is no limit what you can make. But to be realistic, when you first started it will take you a while to reach that figure. You have to first learn how to blog correctly. And if you are doing it yourself you have to go through all the mistakes.

Online Surveys

Online survey is another way you can get some cash for stay at home business. Just by filling some internet surveys during your 30 minutes lunch break, you can get some profit. You can earn up to US$60 a month by doing online surveys.

When you want to do online surveys, you need to find an online survey company to sign up. Check them out first before signing up. Or else you may end up giving them your email address and they will spam you with all kind of email promotions.

When I first started, I did not realise that online survey companies do very often give out free products. You may get so many that you ought to sell them. Having several email addresses is a good idea as you will be getting a lot of surveys and easy for you to group them whatever category you want. One very important thing is, avoid giving these companies sensitive information of your own. You never know what they do with it.

Data Entry

If you have the time and commitment, try online data entry job. These types of jobs normally don’t get paid well because there are so many people who can do it. You can find these jobs listed in Graiglist website and they are easy to apply. If the pay is not enough you can always supplement your income with other online jobs.


Writing books is other work from home business ideas that you can try. One of the famous people that try to find their fortune by writing is J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. Maybe you should follow her footsteps? Try write a topic that you are familiar with, it can be any topic: gardening, cooking, mechanics or other do-it-yourselves books. Now, there are some easy ways to get money from writing as a stay at home business: you can self publish it with Amazon or other online book retailer.

Affiliate Marketing

As proven, there is many ways to make extra cash over the internet. But, we have to work smarter. We can’t just trade our time for money because there is only so much hours per day and you can only work certain number of hours per day. A good way is to become an affiliate marketer. You basically promote other people’s product. You get paid when product is sold. You may have to set up websites to promote these products. We called these sites Money Sites. Once they are setup, they operate automatically and can generate passive income day in day out.

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