IM Target Review Training – Building Your Website From Zero

By Catherine Jones

IM Target provides you with an excellent tool to build a website so easily without any technical knowledge. Read these five steps to guide you build a site from zero.

The first step is to purchase an unique domain name, which is not used by anyone else. The cost is only 10 dollars a year. I personally use NameCheap because its WhoisGuard service helps protect the privacy of my domain name registration. You can also use any other well known domain registrars like GoDaddy.

The second step is to get a hosting account, which is the place where your domain resides or being hosted. The monthly charge for a hosting account is normally $5 to 9. I recommended HostGator, which is the most popular hosting company with cPanel. The cPanel is the most commonly used web hosting interface with many useful tools readily available. HostGator offers very good customer service 24/7 support with phone, email and live chat. Don’t use any hosting company which cannot offer you phone support during the weekend, it can cause you inconvenience because in case you experience server downtime, you won’t have any means to know what has happened immediately if their service is closed due to out of office hour.

Third, go to the domain registrar website to transfer DNS (Domain Name System) to your web hosting company. DNS translates domain and host names to IP addresses.

Forth, to install WordPress. This is the easiest way to build a site. Just a few clicks and fill in some information. Login your cPanel and click on Fantastico De Luxe, click on WordPress. Then follow the instructions to install. For further detailed instructions, you can check out the video tutorial in the hosting company.

Now you got your new blog site built from scratch. But there still many set up work have to be done within WordPress. Don’t worry, if you are totally newbie. As I told you in my IM Target Review, I recommend you to grab IM Target, where you will have a website built much simpler than the steps that you are going to follow here.

The fifth thing is to adjust the settings of WordPress. Change layouts, add pages and side bars. Fill in your site name, description and keywords. Play around the widgets, remove those you don’t like. Choose a theme that match your niche, don’t forget to add some plugins, which are essential for your SEO. I suggest you to add All in One SEO plugin. Configure your permalinks.

Submit your site map to Google and use webmaster tools to facilitate monitoring the traffic to your site. Google Webmaster is free. Sign up for an account and add your site link into.

Check out IM Target to automate the site creation process with some clicks.

The final thing is to write your content or upload your written content to the website. I encourage you to write two to three posts, each with 400 to 500 words.

You are now ready to go to the next phase of promoting your site. IM Target has some resourceful information and training to help you promote your site using different methods. Check out now.

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