IPad For Business

By Mike Zupp

Apple iPad was released in 2010 and since then, it became the most popular gadgets of all time. Most of us assume that the iPad can only be used to take pictures, stream videos, play games or connect online, but its also a impressive tool that can aid you with your business. The iPad works like a computer but because it’s small, you can bring it with you and use it anywhere. Here are some features of the iPad that can assist you with your business:

The first one is filling out forms.The iPad is capable of reading PDF files, filling out forms and even managing PDF documents. There are various apps that can be installed to attain this functionality and they can be downloaded from the App Store. Such apps include “PDF Reader Pro”. It can be downloaded at the App Store at $0.99. “PDF Reader Pro” is capable of reading PDF files, filling out forms and even send emails containing PDF attachments.

Your iPad is also capable of creating presentations like slideshows, graphs and charts. An example of which is the app called “Keynote”. Using “Keynote”, you can connect your iPad directly to a television, projector or even to a computer monitor, just by simply using an adapter. This app costs $9.99 from the App store. If you’re an MS Office kind of person, you can download and use “Quickoffice Pro HD” instead. With this app, you can edit documents, like slideshow presentations, using your iPad anywhere you happen to be.

Another feature is sending and accepting payments. Since your iPad is capable of connecting online, you can now manage your finances through it. You can access your PayPal account and online banking accounts from anywhere. Aside from that, there are also apps available from the App store that are capable of sending and receiving payments.

An iPad is also capable of web conferencing. There are numerous applications that allow this feature, but the most famous are GoToMeeting and WebEx. These apps can organize web conferences so you can set up a meeting anywhere, even on your vacation. The iPad has a front and rear camera so you can do video meetings or conferences. There are several free apps that are capable of conducting group chats. An example of which is the famous “Facetime”.

The last function that we’re going to point out is database management. Most CRM systems provide an app can be downloaded straight from the App Store. A good example is Zoho CRM. You can manage your database from your iPad upon installation of the app. You can update records, send mass emails-or even collect leads. These apps can be signed in automatically so you will be notified right away if there are updates in your database.

Overall, iPad is not only used for personal tasks, but can also be advantageous to your business. With the use of apps that can be downloaded from the App Store, it is now easier to manage your business everywhere with the use of your iPad.

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