Is There Such a Thing as an Ideal Relationship?

By Bonny Blake

What’s your idea of a great relationship? Men tend to form bonds with things like an automobile, a power tool or a recliner chair. They describe ideal relationships as being maintenance free, rewarding and simple. Women can form bonds with objects as like a Cuisinart food processor, or a designer pair of shoes. Women form bonds with people, of course, old friends, people from their church. When women describe the qualities of these relationships they use words like dependable, reliable and steady.

I would describe the ideal relationship as the one I have with my dog. She’s easy to maintain, just add dog food, shelter and love. She’s comforting, no matter what kind of a day I’ve had, she’ll be there at the door to greet me with all her affection and attention. She’s as dependable as a boy scout and as comforting as an old blanket. It’s a pretty ideal relationship.

My dog is pretty reliable, I know she will be there at the door to greet me. She never forgets me, requires so little, gives so much. I would call this unconditional love.

What is the definition of unconditional love?

Unconditional love is the king of love you can give knowing your partner is not perfect. It’s the kind of love that lingers after the passion has faded.

OK, so your spouse or partner has faults, you get it, and perfect they are not. They probably made their share of mistakes too. You still love your spouse because of those imperfections rather than in spite of them.

This is unconditional love.

What about you? You acknowledge that you are the same. You’ve got some faults. You are not the picture of perfect. You too have made your share of mistakes and you know it. But it’s OK, because the first step for unconditional love to overcome your faults is for you to accept that you have imperfections.

Is there any lesson to be gained here? Do we want to run out immediately and get a dog so we can have the unconditional love we crave? Or do we need to work on the relationship we have with our partner? Dogs don’t let mistakes and imperfections get in the way of their relationships. People do. In fact, people can let these faults and imperfections take on a life of their own, and run their lives. Then there’s no room for unconditional love.

If your marriage or relationship is not where you want it to be, examine how you are reacting to your partner’s imperfections, and to your own. If you are letting faults and mistakes overtake your love for the other person, or if they are doing that to you it’s time to examine the importance you are putting on imperfections versus the love you have for each other. Realize that it’s okay to have faults and make mistakes. It’s even okay to have negative feelings. Just don’t let negativity consume your love.

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