Keyword Tools Are a Big Con: Honest Content Writing Rules

Keyword tools are a big con! Of far more importance to your search engine ranking is honest content writing. You never see a page being dropped from Google’s rankings for being well written and promoted honestly. It is the dishonesty that Google punishes: the reciprocal linking to get backlinks without earning them; the buying of links from paid content farms. Honest writing will bring its own rewards.

Why Keyword Tools?

Keyword tools give you lists of search terms used by people looking for information online. It is history: why do you believe the same people will keep using the same search terms? The funniest phrase to me is the term ‘long-tail keywords’. What on earth does that mean?

It is a phrase used to describe long phrases people use when they are looking for information, and cannot put their search more succinctly. Some ‘experts’ make money by providing software to identify these words that might never be used again! People have made a living from telling you the form of words other people have used to find information about your niche.

It’s Your Niche: Decide Your Own Keywords!

It’s your niche! If you don’t know how others will describe it then maybe you need to find another way of making money! Keyword tools are meaningless – you can get all you want by having a look at Google’s Adwords keyword tool that is free for anybody to use online, whether you are registered for Adwords or not.

This tool tells you the most common search terms used by people who use Google as a search engine. What more do you need? Anything else is a con! You have no need to pay for keyword tools: I have paid hundreds of dollars for keyword tools, and none of them are worth a single dollar!

My web pages reached #1 on Google without me using any single one of them. I used my own common sense to forecast the terms people would use to find information on the services that I offer. It worked for me and it can work for you!

To decide the keywords that you should use for your web pages, ask your friends and family what they would use to find the products and services you offer online. Enter each of these into the Google search box and you will find how many other web pages use them. SEO experts are making a fortune from you telling you what is obvious!

Keyword Tools are Irrelevant

You have no need for keyword tools, but you do have a need for a content writing service. Keywords don’t get you high listings; good honest well-written content does. If you use a good SEO content writing service, then you have no need to carry out keyword research to find historical information.

If you have $97 to spend, it is better spent on having some good content pages written for you than on keyword research tools. The majority of people who buy them have no idea how to use them properly! Even if they did, what do they get? History!

Your writer should be able to select the best keywords for your niche, based upon information that is easy to find online. Don’t pay $17, $47 or even $197 for keyword research tools: do it yourself. Think of some that relate to your web page in question, and then try them out. Find out how many others are using them and how many other web pages use them.

Long-Tail Keywords Are a Con

What good is it to find a long-tail keyword that 10 people have used this year worldwide? The majority of the words in long search terms will be stop words that Google will ignore anyway. In the term ‘what are the best cat blankets for my cat’ the Google algorithm will look only at ‘cat’ and ‘blankets’ and perhaps ‘best’ – but the phrase itself will meaningless to an arithmetical character-recognition algorithm.

Don’t be daft! Use your common sense. The keywords people will use tomorrow may not be the ones they use today. In fact, they might even be the very same ones you would use to find information on your own niche. These are what you should be writing about – not some historical data.


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