Local SEO is the Key To a Strong Community Presence

What local SEO does for you is what your day-to-day marketing may not. It establishes a strong online presence for you in your community and lets all of your potential customers know that you are there and how to find you. Let’s face it, sometimes the products you sell are not top-of-mind for the people that live around you.

Let’s assume you sell flooring here in the Dallas area. For homebuilders and remodelers, they might know you exist. But don’t forget there are a lot of do-it-yourselfers out there that don’t want to spend all their time searching around for best deals in hardwood, laminate or carpet. They want to simply type what they’re looking for into a search engine and be done. Local SEO puts you at the top of that list.

And, being at the top of the list is a crucial area for your success. Most trust the top three or four listings that come up in search. Most businesses get three quotes before they make a decision on a project. That means that if you are not in the top three, the chances that you are even going to compete for those valuable market dollars have dropped significantly. A great local SEO plan and competitive pricing will give you the advantage you need to succeed. Even if you are spending advertising dollars, the chances that a potential client saw or heard you from a broadcast spectrum here in Dallas are minimal. But then you have to worry about them remembering you if they did happen to see your ad. Most people take these ads in stride and default back to a web search. That is why it is more important for you to have a strong local SEO plan in place before you spend money on advertising that has no real guarantees. This means you need to create a local Dallas profile for your company. On Google, this profile will give you the advantage of having an online presence started. But it takes a plethora of local SEO strategies to fully impact search results.

This includes blogs, articles and links that put you in the organic search results, which is generally the most trustworthy link that people go to after they scroll down past the paid advertisements. Most people are afraid to click on anything that displays itself as a paid advertisement. Organic search lends credibility and allow searchers to see your company as a real merchants that sells the legitimate goods and services they need.

What is your local SEO plan? Make sure you are attracting business and staying at the top of search by partnering with a local SEO firm that has the plans and analytics needed to make you a success.


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