Make Money On Facebook-Think Like A Direct Marketer

By Tom Freeman

Facebook marketing has almost as many alternatives as any traditional marketing avenue. In the early stages it might be impossible for you to know what aspect of Facebook marketing will work best for you. So just as with traditional marketing you should always be testing and measuring your results to learn what is the best marketing approach for your situation.

If you are thinking that you already have to have a big Facebook presence to make money with Facebook advertising you would be wrong. Your ads can send people anywhere, to a blog or a website. It does not have to send them to another Facebook page.

Each has its own appeal and there is no right or wrong way to choose. If you really want to make money on Facebook, you are going to have to experiment. Try multiple ads that direct to each location you currently have available. See which generates the greatest response and which ends with more visitors taking the action you want. Whether you are trying to get visitors to make a purchase, join an emailing list or fill out a form, it is best to be flexible and try everything to see which approach works best for you.

Some research says you have about 7 seconds to get someone’s attention when they land on your website. The same thing is true for Facebook. You need to have engaging content and it helps if their is some visual stimulation also.

Facebook is a place to hang out online. So make sure that your Facebook page is attractive to the people you want to hang out there. The graphics and images should be interesting but also attractive to your target audience. Above all else provide them with quality content or offerings. They will reward you with referrals and return trips.

If you have created a fun, inviting and informative Facebook experience you should have no problem getting your fans to do what you ask. But don’t forget to ask them! Your audience doesn’t know what you want them to do, only you know that. So design everything so that it is clear what you want them to do and then lead them to that action.

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