Making Money as a ClickBank Vendor or Affiliate

By Bonny Blake

Affiliate marketing is the new way to do business in the 21st century and ClickBank is leading the way with a sound and profitable marketing system.

Before you jump in, you may be wondering, what exactly is affiliate marketing, and why is ClickBank so good at it?

Starting with the basics, affiliate marketing is when a vendor or merchant enlists partners, or affiliates to advertise and resell their products on a commission basis. This relationship works because the merchant has no advertising or personnel costs, allowing them to pass on significant commissions to the affiliate.

ClickBank acts as a third-party company that connects vendors with affiliates. If you have a product to sell as a vendor, or if you are looking to make some money off your popular blog by becoming an affiliate, ClickBank is exactly where you need to be.

ClickBank focuses on digital products instead of drop shipments, which makes the fulfillment process a snap. ClickBank is the actual reseller, so their payment system to the vendor and to the affiliate is automatic. In the 14 years that ClickBank has been around, they have never missed a payment to a customer. That’s a pretty impressive track record.

Every participant in the ClickBank program benefits. The vendor benefits by offloading business costs and activities, like recruiting, training, and payroll. The affiliate benefits by the great selection of products and the helpful tools inside the ClickBank marketplace. All parties come out winners!

The ClickBank vendor program is pretty straightforward. Merchants register in the program and put their great digital product up for review. If ClickBank accepts the product, a small one-time fee is charged to the vendor. So, there is no risk to get a product reviewed. Upon acceptance, the vendor must next decide on a price to sell retail, and how much to pay the affiliate. Understand, ClickBank needs to make a profit as well, and they do this by purchasing the product at a discount and reselling at retail. But the good news is, once a product is approved, its put in the marketplace for a global army of ClickBank affiliates to promote.

As an affiliate, the process is even easier. Just sign up for the ClickBank affiliate program. Inside you’ll get your own set of tracking tools. You’ll have access to the ClickBank market place where you can search for products that match your likes, or your online presence. When you pick a product you’ll get a unique affiliate link that you can post. Then go ahead and promote!

However, the best part about this program is how intuitive it really is. Once you follow this guide, you will quickly be on the road to profit from the online marketing system of Clickbank affiliate marketing.

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