Making Your Dreams Come True

By Charlie Badderly

Everybody dreams big dreams, at one point of life everybody wants to be someone important and someone worthy of attention. You can think for yourself that who hasn’t dreamed about playing the game-winning homer? Who hasn’t wanted to be the homecoming queen? People always dream about being wealthy, and accomplished and having great relationships.

Dreaming big is not bad and people do it often. However, many times these aspirations just remain in the frame of dreams. They end up in the attic where they collect dust and remain forever.

Our dreams are supposed to actualize, but when they do not come true, our story of life takes a sad turn. It drains our enthusiasm and vibe to live life. We continue to live a boring life just for the sake of living.

The biggest obstacle in setting aims is the thought of impossibility. Often people think that it is just not possible to achieve an aim, and that it hasn’t been done. However, have you considered that if scientists were of the same opinion, there would have been no inventions and discoveries or marvelous additions to human knowledge?

Scientists were first at awe that theoretically it was impossible for the bumblebee to fly. Nonetheless, as impossible as it seemed, the bee continues to fly and will continue to fly.

Do not impose boundaries on yourself; if you do, you will be unable to break the chains that restrict you to achieve your goal. If you travel in a direction opposite to that of your aim, you will end up following the unachievable.

Here is an activity that you can perform. This will increase your understanding about what you want. Take a page and make a header ‘things you can do,’ then write all the things that you think you can accomplish under this.

Each-and-every day you look at this page and try to achieve the goals that you’ve written under the first header as goals that you are sure that you can achieve. Slowly do everything that you have written down.

When you will eventually come to the heading of things you thought impossible would start seeming possible.

Then at last the things you have written to be impossible for you will start to become more likely to be achieved by you.

The benefit of this activity is to reveal to you the importance of working brick by brick. It is however futile to set unrealistic goals. The goals that you have to achieve require hard work without which dreams will remain just part of your imaginations.

If you would have told someone that man would land on moon in the previous century he/she would think you are mad. But the constant perseverance yielded in taking man to the moon.

You have to keep on dreaming and keep on striving for better and you will achieve the impossible. This is just the way we have been evolving and with this struggle, you will see in front of your eyes impossible becoming possible.

As the famous quote says, “no pain, no gain,” you cannot succeed without hardwork. As soon as you see that things you believed to be impossible are actually possible, the sky is the limit.

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