Oakley Prescription Sunglasses – Tips How To Retain The Quality Of These High Performing Glasses

By Lisa Jane Foreman

Much is claimed in regards to the incredible quality of Oakley glasses. Everything about it, from the hinges, to the frame products, to the protective solutions for lenses, et cetera, has been tried and tested for optimum durability. When it comes to high-performing eye wear, Oakley is easily the brand you think of.

It’s still essential to consider, however, that in spite of the glasses’ unrivalled quality and use of sophisticated optical technology, they’re still not unbreakable. You still have to take proper care of them to ensure that their quality is preserved for your advantage for a very long time. Oakley prescription sunglasses especially will need you to properly keep them after use and keep them clean because you’re very likely to make use of them while performing intense actions under the raging heat of the sun.

Opticians have four important tips on how to maintain the quality of these high-performing corrective as well as protective eyeglasses.

Wash them after use – This is particularly required if you were exposed to all sorts of factors like wind, dust, sweat, water, heat, et cetera. Not that these optical provisions would deteriorate in quality because of these aspects, however they can contain microorganisms and viruses that will trigger a hypersensitive reaction for your eyes and skin. Cleansing these glasses is easy; you just need a mild solution of water along with anti-bacterial dishwashing substance. You can just swish the eyeglasses around to create lather or you could try a micro-fibre fabric to get rid of the residue on the frames and lenses. Subsequently, wash the glasses meticulously with clean water and then dry them gently with a micro-fibre fabric.

Never rest the eyeglasses on the lenses – Even though Oakley lenses are cured with numerous layers of anti-scratch covering, it’s still better to stay clear of setting down the eyeglasses on the prescription lenses (which may be single-vision lenses or perhaps varifocals which are composed of 3 lens strips for three levels of visual acuity – upper strip holds the eyes’ regular prescription, center strip is for typical distance activities such as watching TV, and bottom strip is for nearby distance eye action like reading). The protective layer could only do so much and eventually scrapes might appear and produce vision distortion.

Always store them in their hard cases if you’re not using them – This is the best kind of protection you could provide to these exclusive eyeglasses. Whether they get knocked around inside your bag or perhaps if you accidentally sit on them, you can be certain that the spectacles will not get damaged.

Use an eyewear strap if you tend to remove the glasses often – This is the safer action to take in place of hooking the eyeglasses onto your shirt. The strap can hold the eyeglasses more securely and prevent them from dropping on the ground which may have people stepping on them. Oakleys will not likely break but there may surely be tell-tale indications (even tiny ones) after somebody steps on it. Straps are very trendy these days and young fashionistas are becoming all inventive with their eyeglasses by using these straps, so not only will you be able to protect your eyeglasses better, however you also get to upgrade their charm too.

Oakley prescription sunglasses can instantly improve your vision and you style. These glasses can also make your routines better and more alluring. Visit FashionEyewear for more.