Paid Traffic Vs. Free Traffic

By Matt Luke

This article is for anybody who sells products online and wants to know the basics of some of the most popular traffic generating methods. I will be discussing the features, benefits, drawbacks and overall thoughts about each method so you can get a better understanding as to whether or not you want to pursue a certain method. Please take into consideration that my overall thoughts are based on my online activity and you will choose depending on your needs and wants. My hope is that you will gain a basic understanding of each of these and use the information to build your business to a new level of success.

The very first type of traffic we will discuss is paid traffic which simply means that you will pay for traffic to be directed to your website through some sort of advertisement. The most popular source of paid traffic is through the various search engines that will put an ad that you create next to some relevant keyword search results and every time a person clicks your ad, you pay for the click. You can also place ads on other peoples blogs or websites that are getting traffic that relate to what you are selling, most of the time a banner ad is used here. If you know your target market well and want to get a specific type of person to your site then Facebook is a good choice to place ads.

Time to talk about how to get free traffic to your site. So first let me say that free traffic is not always as free as you might think because although you don’t pay someone to give you that traffic, you will have to put a lot of time and effort into creating content so that search engines will want to send people to your website or product page. When someone is looking for something online they usually type a few keywords into a search engine query box and that search engine will give them results that have the most relevant information to that search. In order to get approval and have the search engines send you traffic you will need to become a master at Search Engine Optimization both on your site and off and that does take a lot of time.

So now it’s time for you to figure out which of these two main areas of getting traffic you want to use by deciding if your time or money is more valuable at this stage in your business development. You can usually get a faster response by paying for someone to redirect traffic to your website or product but beware that is could get expensive. In order to get long term results you may want to go with the free traffic route and learn all you need to know about SEO and adding relevant content to your site. As always, I hope this information provides some value to you and allows you to move forward.

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