Ray Ban Sunglasses – The Aviators And Wayfarers

By Rina Davis

When it comes to fashion, Ray Ban sunglasses, Prada accessories and many other famous fashion items are always the ones on top and always get mentioned by fashion experts.

It was in the year 1937 when this iconic brand was born. Basically, the initial purpose of this company is to provide oversized sunglasses for pilots; however, many saw the potential of this eyewear and became a legendary icon for fashion eyewear. From that day forth, it became a must-wear fashion accessory for Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Slash and even Johnny Depp.

Because of its unique yet functional design and functionality, it easily clicked and became the favourite of most individuals in different parts of the globe. But the question they always ask is which is better: the Aviator or the Wayfarer? Below are some features of each sunglass and decide for your own.

As the name implies, the Aviator was initially designed for pilots to help them protect their eyes from the sun. This eyewear uses thin metal frames and bayonet earpieces. The Aviator covers much larger area of the eye with its oversized convex shaped lenses. It is this reason why it became so popular as it gives a cool yet interesting look when donned.

On the other hand, unlike its brother, the Aviator, Wayfarer was released in the year 1956. It uses plastics for its frames for both sunglasses and for prescription reading glasses. It took advantage of the technology during its release. Its popularity also became even more victorious as Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, Madonna, and Katy Perry, not to mention Vogue editor Anna Wintour are being sighted wearing Wayfarers.

Both eyewear models did enjoy victory when they were first released until a few decades, however, in the latter years; these two fashionable sunglasses experienced a rebirth of popularity when the new generation of celebrities started donning them again.

Truly, these two eyewear models are stunningly beautiful and fashionable, but when choosing the ideal eyewear for you, you must not forget to take into consideration this simple factor – your facial structure. The Aviator is mostly perfect to any facial structure; however, if you have a rounded or oval shaped face structure, you might want to consider opting for its brother, the Wayfarer. Carefully choose the eyewear that fits your style perfectly as donning the wrong one can ruin your fashionable look.

Truly, these fashionable sunglasses are really stunning, but this doesn’t ensure that donning one will turn your geek look into a cooler and more elegant look. It’s always best to take some time in picking the ideal Ray Ban sunglasses as your passion for fashion could turn out to a fashion disaster.