Self Improvement And Success Goes Hand-in-hand

By Johnny Black

Every happening has a purpose behind it, which we do not try to understand. A person needs to deal all the fears and hardships, instead of getting embarrassed over it. Let failure be a teacher, try to use it as a tool to pave your path towards success. Self-improvement comes when a person learns from his mistakes.

Patch Adams is a remarkable movie when it comes to deal with hardships of life. It is about a medical student, who did not have good luck in his studies, and he failed in the board exams. It led to huge psychological tension. One day he decided to get some psychological treatment, and admitted himself in a psychiatric ward; there he saw numerous people who were suffering different types of psychological disorders. He thought that there are people with even bigger problems. He got up and decided that he would not lose hope, then he studied hard and now he became a popular name in the field of medical science.

Is self-improvement a key to success? Where should one begin? There are some steps, which would guide you towards self-improvement.

*The person should stop considering himself a failure, because before dealing with others, one must deal with himself first.

*On televisions, people confront many hunks. Self-pitying should not be there because self-acceptance does not come up with the outer appearance, instead it comes up with inner feeling.

A person should always back others and support them if they are in a state of tension or melancholy, instead of acting like them and adding insult to injury. The world is huge in terms of lessons and mistakes are the phenomena that inspire you to do better and more better. One can always improve the next time.

Self-improvement results in inner stability and enhances self confidence as well as self esteem. Moreover, it puts the person on the road to success.

*Appreciate and be appreciated. There are many things, which seem small but they have a huge impact. Words like Hi, Hello, telling someone that you love his tie etc. these things are very helpful. If the beautiful things around us and other people get praises, then we also get praises in terms of our beauty as well.

*Improvement does not mean to get into the shoes of any celebrity, improvement means realizing your flaws, working on it, and being simply you.

*Small words have a great significance for others. If one says hi, hello, praises someone, compliments on his/her dressing, hugging or a giving a pat on the shoulder just signifies appreciation. If a person appreciates others, there are equal chances that the others would appreciate him as well.

*When a person is keen towards self-improvement, it does not imply that others intend to gear up for the same pursuit. Every person has different attitude.

There is no concept of overnight success. One should always be ready in order to improve himself/herself. If a person looks around, everything is an inspiration, especially people around us, like parents, friends, neighbors, and teachers. Learning from others is also self-improvement and ultimately it leads towards a successful life.

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