Starting A Fashion Blog: What You’ll Need

Putting together an outfit that commands a double take is a trick only fashion bloggers can pull off. If you think you’ve got style and you love showing it to the world, you ought to start a fashion blog.

Well, just like the other blog sites online, there are some things you need to consider to make your fashion blog feasible online. Now, to do this, consider these ideas in starting a fashion blog online:

Tools in Starting a Fashion Blog

Blogging platform – Just like any other blogs online you also need to have a platform for your blog site. Select a platform that’s very easy to access since visitors would want to check out blogs that are user-friendly. This will be the back-end of your blog, where you’d be composing blog entries.

Think of an excellent domain name – Now decide on your blog’s domain name. If possible; your domain name should be your blog’s name. Hence, this will be your blog’s name brand and that’s why it is a must for you to make it catchy and interesting for visitors.

Hosting service – Typically, free blogs comes from free hosting sites.But is you want to have a better hosting service for your blog then choose paid hosting services online. Remember, free hosting services has limited features in which you can use so choose the paid services for your blog.

Concept representation

Your Niche – Now, this is where you need to have your own identity online. Most new bloggers start out as the jack-of-all-trades, but sooner or later, you’re gonna want to have to specialize in something (your niche), and it will be your signature style.

Template – Your blog’s overall look should be in line with your blog’s template. Remember that as a fashion blogger, you are an ambassador of up-to-date style, so the look of your blog should embody that as well.


Good camera + lens – Having a DSLR camera for your blog images would be an excellent investment for your blogging endeavors. DSLR camera is indeed excellent in capturing fashion images that can be posted in your blog site. On the other hand, other camera models and brand would also do. You can always post-edit the images or go for the paparazzi effect.

Storage – Besides investing on your hosting services, it is also a good idea to invest in extra file storage for your blog files and images. You’ll only need two things: a memory card with good space for your camera and a portable hard drive where you can keep everything in one place (and be everywhere with it).

Wardrobe Inventory – Fashiona clothes and shoes are a must in your blog so you should also have a number os these in your inventory.Well accessories are needed to further accentuate your fashion blog. These, after all are the main meat of the blog. For ladies, makeup should also be part of the budget.


Learn photo editing – Photo editing skills will come in handy on bad hair days and zit breakouts. You can also use that to add a watermark to your images. There really is nothing to lose when you learn how to edit photos.

Social media profile – Set-up social media profiles for your blog – in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedn. Make sure you have your own social media profile for your blog site. Aside from established social media sites, you should also get yourself listed in fashion blog communities. This way, your blog brand would provide online visibility.

The blogosphere is comprised of people from different walks of art. Fashion blogging is just one of the niche topics you would want to choose in starting your own blogging endeavors.

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