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Advantages Of Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub floors or basements are areas in most homes that are commonly affected by excessive build up of moisture. This is mainly caused by insufficient ventilation or lack of a damp proofing method in the home. Termite invasion, growth of mould and mildew are brought about by excessive dampness especially on areas constructed with wood. Damages also happen on the property when the wood begins to warp and tiles get pushed up. It’s costly to repair all the damages over and over again. Hence, it’s advisable to find a lasting solution to the situation, which is adequately ventilating the sub...
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Mechanical Devices For Basement Ventilation

Much as it is tucked away, the basement of any home or other buildings must be ventilated properly. Standard number 62.1 of 2010, (Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality) set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) demands so (similar standards apply in Australia). The alternative to natural ventilation is using mechanical devices. There are two popular ones: Fans and vents. Here is how they operate: 1. FANS • Exhaust Fans They are examples of exhaust ventilation systems, which decompress (reduce the pressure of) air. This allows air from outside to flow into the home. The...
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