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Freestanding Baths: How To Get The Best Fit

After checking through all the available bathtub designs, you finally settled on freestanding baths. Now, the next challenge is finding one that is the best fit. These helpful tips will guide you in choosing the right one. A. Can You Customize It? At times you might want to change the type of fittings that you originally used with your bath. You might want to include overflows or jets for spa applications. Such aspects would require a tub designs that can accommodate them; hence you should consider whether your tub design can allow for such customization in future. B. Size Matters...
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3 Types of Stone Baths

Stone baths are guaranteed to give a bold impression of sophistication and supreme luxury within your bathing space. Such stone structures are your best choice if you intend to create a truly stunning and sensual look, which can never be achieved by any other material. Moreover, such elegant baths will provide the best complement to both traditional as well as contemporary themes. Different types of stone provide unique characteristics that can further enhance a particular look within your bathroom. Here are 3 options from which to choose: 1. Cast Stone Cast stone possesses much greater versatility and superior aspects compared...
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