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How To Build Your Online Engagement Engine

For all of our marketing efforts and creative handiwork, sometimes engaging customers can be a real challenge. Even when our user profiles and psychographics hit the proverbial nail on the head, our work can miss the mark. This is not because of a lack of knowledge, but simply because the paradigm of customer engagement is shifting. Online channels, the new model of constant presence, and the need for creativity to cut through the din, are all contributors in an age where customer engagement can translate into better sales, better relationships, and a better marketing strategy. In this post, we’re helping...
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Make A Better First Impression On Your Homepage

There was a time when having a website was quite the accomplishment, but since the days of AOL and dial-up Internet, everyone from the pet shop down the street to the multinational conglomerate has a website. In this crowded ecosystem, it’s important to stand out, and that means building a strong first impression. In an increasingly web-based world, the homepage has become the “handshake” of sales, and a firm, confident grip and winning smile will do a lot to improve your brand perception and comfort customers in the process. In this post, we’re offering a few recommendations on how to...
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How to Write Irresistible Email Subject Lines

Everyone remembers the class clown. The guy who happened to be just loud enough to be heard. The problem is, no one remembers his jokes. What they remember his how annoying he became when his jokes failed to land. In an odd way, email follows the same trend. Powerful information has its place, but presenting it in an abrasive fashion is more likely to turn readers off than encourage future views. The secret lies in the mind of the reader and your responsibility in crafting headlines that baby their short attention spans. The Tired Reader In order to effectively address...
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