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The Real Brain Game: Harnessing Neuroplasticity to Improve Our Mental Equipment And Brains Fitness

In preparation for the new season of National Geographic’s Brain Games, their producers asked me to participate in a virtual roundtable around this thought-provoking question: “Do you think individuals can train their brain to respond in a particular way to certain situations, or do you think our brain’s innate “startle response” is too hardwired to alter?” My short answer: Yes, we can train our brains. My long answer: Not only we can, but we SHOULD train our brains to respond in particular ways to certain situations. That’s why we have a human brain to begin with… At the core, the...
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Students Build Self Esteem To Improve Grades!

By Darrel Mitchell Students ought to study different ways to make up their minds if they want to increase their GPA. What’s more, students these days ought to know that making this commitment will need some changes in their life. These changes will be the way they study, think, and behave. For students take control of their own lives they must first depend on themselves and not depend on others. Students that don’t plan ahead and study for a test are more likely to fail than those that do plan and study. It’s up to the student to decide on...
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