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Learn to Speak Real Estate – Location

Number 3 in a series of short articles by an educator and licensed real estate agent from Victoria Australia. Location, Repeated three times If you think that sounds like the name of a television show, you’re right! Everyone it seems who talks about property will stress how important location is. But what do they mean? Technically it just means where a property is located/situated. Whether it has a good location or not is not completely straightforward. It is a bit like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. For example if I were a passionate surfer a good...
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Good Property Managers … Help Maximise Capital Growth

Number 3 in a series of short articles for investors on What Good Property Managers Do by a Victorian educator/real estate agent. What is Capital Growth? Capital growth is the increase in value from the date of purchase until the current time. Many factors contribute to capital growth. Supply and demand is a big factor in what determines the value of a property. If there are several properties with basically the same features for example size of land, number of bedrooms then other features come into play in deciding which property may be more valuable. These might include gardens, aspect...
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