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3 Things Guys Seriously Crave in a Female

By Bonny Blake Certainly, a man wants sex. But there are 3 vitally crucial attributes that he yearns for, particularly if he’s going to love you eternally. They are listed here: 1. A man wants a woman who not only knows what she desires, but goes for it as well. The sad truth is, plenty of women have been brought up to wait forever for the man to read their minds and give them what they need. That said, knowing your individual dreams in life and moving towards them is inspirational to everybody around you, particularly your guy. Armed with...
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3 Steps to Change Your Relationship

By Bonny Blake To resolve any problem, the initial step is to understand and acknowledge that the problem exists. This is true in a dating relationship or a marriage. This first step may probably be the most difficult to take because it can be perceived as failing in the relationship and not at all consistent with our fairytale view of ‘happily ever after.’ The first action to changing your relationship is to stop sweating the small stuff. Lovers that argue about every minute detail of a disagreement are most likely steering clear of the large issues. These are the issues...
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