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Ronson Jetlite: Is It Just Hype?

By Janice Stone Perhaps the first thing that stands out about the Ronson Jetlite lighter is the fact that it is a simple sturdy lighter with an elegant design. More so is the fact that it truly is inexpensive considering the fact that it ranges from $2.99-$8. We all know that every cigar aficionado deserves a very good sturdy butane lighter. The solution to that dilemma lies in the Ronson Jetlite lighter. Design Compared to other more sophisticated lighters, the design of the Ronson Jetlite lighter is quite unique. With its classic fuel lighter like flip top, the lighter doesn’t...
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A Comprehensive Look At The Ronson Lighter

By Janice Stone In the past, promoting the Ronson lighter was made by using the old marketing slogan that says “You’re a winner – with a Ronson!”. Needless to say, the vintage era or perhaps Ronson has given way to the modern one, however it continues to be accurate to say you surely would be making a winning selection if you choose a Ronson Zippo style lighter over another name. What could be the cause of this? In addition to the look and style of these lighters, they are also well established for being reputable. The lighter connoisseurs find these...
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