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Ronson Jetlite: Is It Just Hype?

By Janice Stone Perhaps the first thing that stands out about the Ronson Jetlite lighter is the fact that it is a simple sturdy lighter with an elegant design. More so is the fact that it truly is inexpensive considering the fact that it ranges from $2.99-$8. We all know that every cigar aficionado deserves a very good sturdy butane lighter. The solution to that dilemma lies in the Ronson Jetlite lighter. Design Compared to other more sophisticated lighters, the design of the Ronson Jetlite lighter is quite unique. With its classic fuel lighter like flip top, the lighter doesn’t...
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An In Depth Look At The Xikar Xi1 Cigar Cutter

For smokers trying to find a fine quality, and finely designed cigar cutter, the xikar xi1 is going to deliver on all fronts. With a black colored aluminum body, a pointy stainless-steel blade, and with fully loaded spring blade, you’ll expect the sharpest cut. With an ergonomic design that allows you to comfortably hold the cigar cutter in the hand, cutting the tip of your cigar has never been easier it doesn’t matter what size or shape! An unbeatable lifetime warranty Not only is it crafted with all the best material quality, and also a finely constructed body, the cigar...
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