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Is Solar Energy for Your Home a Good Choice for You?

By Jess E Hooper Just a few years ago, the options when it came to power were few or nonexistent. One could hook up to the city’s power grid or you might invest thousands of dollars for an expensive solar system that might never pay for itself. These days there are many more options available to you. You could pick from do-it-yourself energy, to supplemental eco-friendly energy or acquiring energy via eco-friendly companies dependant upon the state you reside in. Selecting the right option is a balance of available resources, finances, as well as your individual objectives. Today’s solar energy...
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Looking for Some Solar Power Systems Today

By Jess E Hooper Although solar energy has been available in one form or another for many years, it has only been with the skyrocketing prices of power within the last 20 -25 years that individuals have started to seriously think about it as an option. One of the reasons so many people that looked into this kind of energy in the early days didn’t purchase it, was the high cost of installing solar power systems. Although the power created by these earlier solar systems was free of charge, the price made them less than the best option to growing...
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Selecting Solar Tiles

By Jess E Hooper Recently, major advances have been made in the industry of solar energy and delivering affordable solar systems for home owners. Where solar power used to be only a dream, it has now become a reality and it looks like it might become one of the primary sources of green energy for homes around the globe in the future. In the early days solar energy was a very costly concept, because of new forms of solar panels being designed, it is now well within the reaches of most Americans. The most recent improvement in solar technology is...
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