The ClickBank Affiliate System

By Bonny Blake

So far as affiliate networking systems go, Clickbank is arguably the number one online affiliate network out there, and for good reason. Clickbank has existed for about 14 years and during that stretch of time has actually paid over 2 billion dollars to their clients – both the merchants and the affiliate marketers. That basic fact by itself is without question proof to the real strength, potential and success of the Clickbank online affiliate marketing network. Let’s look at all the other amazing benefits.

Clickbank provides a vast number of digital products and solutions within it’s Marketplace. As a ClickBank affiliate, you have an almost endless variety of products and services you can select from. Plus there is no restriction on the number of products that you could advertise and market.

For example, if you have a real love for fitness and health and you found a fantastic report sold through the Clickbank online affiliate marketing system that you really wanted to share with others. It would be to your advantage to register for a free online affiliate marketer account. Once you are registered, you look for the actual health and fitness e-book in the Clickbank Marketplace, and acquire your personal affiliate link or hoplink. Next you publish a review about the book on your blog page, or perhaps post an endorsement on or even in your selected health community forum. If folks check out your product review or posting, visit your link, and purchase the e-book, you would receive a commission payment. You can then search for some other product which is closely related to your niche of interest, say something about physical exercise in the office, and just repeat the actual technique of sharing and earning even more commissions!

But what if you don’t have a passion or a hobby, you really just want to make affiliate sales? The ClickBank Marketplace has statistics on every product they offer to help the affiliate choose something that that has a good chance of making them some money. Inside the Marketplace you can filter and sort products based on criteria like relevancy to your keyword search, number of unique sales made the previous week, or the average dollar commission per sale. With a little experience you’ll be able to spot winners that will translate into affiliate dollars.

Yet another wonderful characteristic of the Clickbank online affiliate network system is how easy it is to use. Signing up is really easy – just fill in a simple form and automatically get a confirmation coming from the Clickbank network. As an online affiliate marketer, you’re going to get your own private affiliate home page, where you are going to get access to in depth sales statistics. Payments are sent out biweekly and after you’ve received two cheques, you would be qualified to receive direct deposit. Also you do not have to sign another contract with the actual sellers, Clickbank already done that to simplify things.

As a Clickbank affiliate marketer you could work from pretty much anywhere in the world. In fact, you can even market products and services in French, Spanish and German. Clickbank even accepts 13 kinds of foreign currency.

If you consider longevity, big affiliate payouts, ease of use as well as worldwide reach, the affiliate program is unquestionably something you would want to check out if you are thinking of becoming an internet affiliate marketer .

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