The Five Paragraph Essay

By Sam Sterling

Learning to write the five paragraph essay is an essential component of good study skills.This will ensure easier exam writing and better marks. Learn the necessary step for writing the short essay as they vary from college to high school.Writing essays in exams is often timed and can become very stressful.

Study Skills Lessons – Prepare to Write an Outline for the Essay

Good notes are essential to preparing an outline for an essay.There are a good number of students who enter their essay exam by studying their notes only. There is no need to add additional stress to your exam and by learning to write a five paragraph essay you will help eliminate this.To be properly prepared you must review your lecture notes and course texts before creating the essay outline.

Study Skills Lesson – Create an Essay Outline

Like any good blue print the five paragraph essay must contain and introduction of one paragraph, a body of three paragraphs, and a conclusion of one paragraph.

To set up your five paragraph essay you must include the introductory paragraph, a three paragraph body and a concluding paragraph

The second paragraph always places strong discussions of the main subject and the third and fourth paragraphs do the same with less emphasis.

The concluding paragraph should restate the strong statement from the introductory paragraph and then a discussion of how the essay supports that statement.

Once the outline is perfect, memorize it. Each time this is done a student builds their good study skills.

Study Skills Lessons – Write the Essay

When preparing for an essay examination, after creating the outline, use it to write the essay. By learning all of the points to good essay writing, when it comes time for an exam you will be relaxed and able to compose your essay with minimal stress. In addition, it will help eliminate unnecessary information. Make sure the outline has the five paragraph essay format and no more.

Study Skills Lesson – Taking the Exam

The idea behind this lesson has been to prepare you for the essay exam in a confident and stress free manner. At exam time, take a blank piece of paper and write down your outline. This gives you an easy guide to follow when writing your exam.

The above lesson has prepared you for writing any essays and by following this simple format your study skills have greatly improved.

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