The Piano-Is It A String Or Percussion Instrument?

By Tom Freeman

All accomplished musicians know their instrument. They take time to study it and understand what it can do. This is certainly true for pianists. They understand how the piano and how it works.

The piano can be thought of as a string instrument. It certainly has a large number of strings pulled taut to give you the different pitches or notes on your piano. One nice thing is that if you hit the right key on a piano you are not blamed if it is not in tune. They blame the piano tuner!

If you have been to the symphony you may have seen the piano in the back with the percussion section unless it was featured as a soloist. That is because the piano is a type of percussion instrument because it strikes the strings with a hammer to produce sound.

Today a soundboard makes people think of an electronic device that controls all the microphones and amps for a rockband. But a sound board is also the large chamber of a piano that houses the strings and hammers. It is the real sound generation area for the piano.

Many pianos like baby grand pianos are designed around a cast iron frame. This large body of the piano is designed to hold the enormous tension created in piano wires stretched to be tuned properly. If you look inside baby grands you will frequently see a gold finish that is applied to add to the aesthetic appeal of the baby grand or grand piano.

Learn about the instrument you are playing. It can only help you become a better pianist. Even if you just want to play casually its always nice to be knowledgeable about your instrument.

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