The Top Three Email Marketing Service Providers Of The Year

Few things are as effective as email marketing but there is some knowledge needed to make it work. This is not necessarily anything pushbutton because you have to develop a good relationship with them. So many people on the web have been on many lists, and they are not so patient anymore with constant selling. Most email marketers don’t know what they’re doing, so that is why the failure rate is so high.

One of the top ranked providers is Acton Software, and they have been getting the attention of the market, as well. If you are so new that you feel overwhelmed, then they really do want to hear from you because you are in their market. Of course they will give you the entire suite of tools to make your life a bit easier. What is both nice and frustrating is that there aren’t any straightforward price points on the website instead you get a personal tutorial and quote.

Take the time and see what you think of Aweber since they’re not that old and may be a viable email marketing software option for you. The price point is there and certainly affordable so you won’t have any issues with that part. You can easily give them a spin around the block because the initial month is at no charge, and then you either stay with them or move on. Plans start at twenty dollars a month for two thousand emails with an additional five dollars per extra thousand emails sent over the month.

One of the more intensely feature packed services providers is NetAtlantic, and stay away from it if you’re brand new to IM. They offer list managements and a service for high volume emailers called Strong Mail. We think this is a great company because they know who they want and they’re going for the larger fish. A number of factors feed into the price points, but the nice thing is that you can bump up your plan according to your needs at the time.

Some email service providers are for the big league players, but we have included some just so you’ll be aware of them. Trying to figure out what your needs might be as opposed to the things you want to do can be a battle, and we’ve talked about a few of the best and most widely recognized service providers in this article. It also sometimes happens that you’re happy with them and then other things go wrong or you figure out that some feature is really not all that great. Email marketing can be confusing when you’re just starting out, which is why you need to choose a good email marketing services provider. But keep in mind that there’s much more to the game then this, and you can read my other article reviews or hit the search engines. So be sure you choose something that will give you what you want, and then tend to the important matters at hand.