Things To Do and Not To Do When Making A Review Blogging

Assesment blogs are also being done by bloggers on their everyday schedule. A blog is a great place to share new experiences, like trying out a new restaurant, gadget or service. Because majority of the consumers are fully aware on how to check credibility and standing of any product or service, they would rather see feedback first before purchasing anything, and this gives advantage to bloggers because they get viewers read their reviews. It’s actually advantageous to both sides.

However, other reviews are not fair. Some reviews seem to be more biased than others. There are also those lacking enough information to influence a reader in his decision. If you have plans to make reviews on your blogs, you should learn the do’s and don’ts of review blogging, so that you will be fully aware on how to be fair on your reviews whether it’s a product, establishment or service review. Below are the lists:

Do Include pertinent information. When you are assessing a certain product, always include the item or brand in capital and highlighted letters. Some brands have product models that only differ by a single letter, so you don’t want to confuse your readers in that area. Specifics are important when writing a review. When you are doing a review about a particular establishment, make sure that you give out the business address and contact details so that the viewers will be aware of its location. You may write about a Mickey D branch in your city, but your readers may not be aware that there are actually 4 branches in your area. That can cause a bit of confusion, so better pin it down in your blog.

DO Write honestly. Reviews are appreciated for their honest to goodness nature. If you want to be trustworthy in giving reviews, don’t maneuver anything just to make a good impression. You’re not giving good assistance to your viewers in that way. There’s no need to hide some facts about bad experience, but better make sure that you have also thoroughly relayed all of your good experience. Reliable reviews will receive several commendations from viewers, who would be very interested to visit your blog again.

DON’T Reproduce other’s review. The main purpose of writing reviews is to share your own experiences. If you haven’t tested the product itself, then you have no right to put a judgment nor evaluation to it. .

DO Include a date on your review. What you have created may not be applicable to the present times. Sevaral goods have updated features, upgraded softwares and different establishment designs. That is why you have to date-stamp your review articles to make it discernible to readers when they’re looking for the latest reviews.

DO Compare with counterparts. If you have already experienced using two competing brands, compare them by writing the advantages and disadvantages of both products on your blog review. This will surely invite readers to always visit your blog. But when you happen to do such review, do not bad mouth the not-so-favorite brand. The truth should be stated if negative comment is needed to be disclosed.

DON’T Insist on getting free product samples. It is a fact that new products are given for free to reputable review bloggers so that they can feature a truthful review. But that opportunity is given to those who have already shown good and fair reviews wherein they bought products to be used on their review. It is wrong for a newbie blogger to ask for free products if he has only produced a few reviews. This also applies to bloggers who give reviews to establishment. You just don’t visit a particular establishment and represent yourself as a review blogger. The company owner might have hesitations – whether he will give it or not? Others may be obliged to provide you samples and will be expecting thorough endorsement of the product.

When money is a concern, it’s just practical to do a little research before buying. Realistic encounter of bloggers are best reference when making blog reviews.

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