Top Picks For Headsets Office Receptionists Will Definitely Like

By Katrina Remmington

Increasing efficiency at work is something that every single business enterprise targets. As a result, updating operation needs such as phone systems, computers, and other beneficial gadgets is performed every couple of years to accommodate leading-edge technology and welcome increasing profitable opportunities.

A few of the products used for business that numerous organizations these days are investing in are those that will boost communication with business partners as well as customers. Customer support or customer service departments, specifically, often get a substantial budget to efficiently and effectively accommodate consumers to ensure total satisfaction.

These days, personnel that work in the customer support unit of companies complete their work better by using headsets; these little tools permit them to simultaneously complete other tasks as they make or take telephone calls. Nevertheless, not all headsets are created equally; some are produced for the most comfortable use, while there are a few that possess numerous capabilities that can accomplish various tasks.

For this year, businesses provided their top three recommendations for headsets that company receptionists and staff who spend the majority of of their working time on the phone will definitely approve of.

1. The receptionist’s favorite is the Sennheiser DW Office. It is a wireless headset that comes with several wearing styles and features. A staff can take telephone calls while she’s away from her desk. The device fits any phone base and lifts the hand piece up or down with a press of a button, allowing the person to answer and hang up on telephone calls anywhere she might be within signal range. The audio quality is very clear and this wireless headset is faster charging than a lot of the headsets of its category. Should the user want to listen to songs in between calls, she wouldn’t need to worry about the songs she is listening to interfering with an inbound call – the headset’s technology ceases the music activity every time a phone call comes through. It is also quite pleasant to wear for long periods of time as the earpiece is cushioned nicely and built to minimise force on contact points.

2. The best pick for loud workplaces is the Sennheiser CC540; it possesses the best performing noise cancelling factor and huge ear caps to completely secure the audio from the headset. The noise cancelling characteristic silences background sounds and the rotatable mic also adds to efficacy of the said characteristic.

3. When it comes to best all-rounder, the Jabra Pro 9470 takes the cake. It is really pleasant to use for long wear and possesses noise cancelling attributes along with an extraordinary 150m reception range. The LCD touch screen user interface is quite simple to understand and use. With regards to flexibility, this Jabra headset scores great marks because it’s easy to change between base gadgets; users simply have to tap the stylish and easy-to-follow touchscreen display. Regardless of whether it is a mobile call inside the office, a call from the company desk phone or an IP-based phone call on the computer, all can come through the exact same headset.

Wireless headsets office personnel approve of are those that have an exceptional structure and also feature great mobility for improved productivity.